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Oct 14, 2012 9:30am EDT
you cannot have itit all you u cannot have beenostly wars and tax cuts and g grow in tandem of programs and think at thehe end of the day it is n going to cost y you somewhere. whato businesses want most to see from the adminisistration? >> it is like watching two 300- pound man tackle each other on the football field. le pen vginia. you had thinterview w with george allen. a very strong ececonomy. republican and democratic gogovernors, aery strong economy. they want that kind of a modelel. they want the freedom to add jobs. >> peter, the other thing businesses say they want is a certain date. they want to know whether tax cu are going to expire or not. one of the reans unemploent is not doing better, you say intern about what obamacare will cost. i think businesses just want to know one way or the other how health care is goi to play out. >> the obamacare program w supposed to reduce cost. they did promise to lower premiums by $2,500 perer family and it has not happened. health care costs are frfrightening to businesses. 50% more than the germans and they cover everydy and we
Oct 11, 2012 12:00pm EDT
worrell, 55 old, with her 1-year-old four,on, at two, and 7-year-old children of .eceased n the house were able to get out safely. u heard about the man that jumped out. at this point, fire are trying to determine what started the blaze. there is a tremendous amount of suspicion in this neighborhood recently there had been o arson fires in the neighborhood but the cause remains undetermined. thank you. metropolitan police have ofntified the victim shooting in front of gallaudet university in northeast. troxler wasgregory shot. >> we now know what killed the at the national zoo. xiang's baby died just two weeks ago. releaseds after being the pan the yard, it xiangs that mother mei into herndon immediately. she is out for the first time the death of her panda cub. >> mei xiang is looking almost point, shes has started eating about 80% of bamboo and biscuits. the cub, believed to be a female, suddenly died. scientists and veterinarians gettingthat she was not oxygen to her lungs because of the damaged liver. the cause of death was liver necrosis, the death of liver cells. also evidence of lun
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2